mediterranean & greek


restaurant in Dubai

Guests familiar with the flavors and spices of the Mediterranean and Modern Greek cuisine will find them blended to perfection at Opso restaurant. Let our friendly staff introduce you to a fusion of artistry and taste crafted by our chefs enabling you to participate in a unique experience awakening all your five senses.

OPSO Privé is your hideaway for an exclusive evening out. Unwind in a luxurious venue with a panoramic view of Dubai while relishing on its top-notch menu of mezze and shisha.

OPSO Social is your buzzing social space where you can unwind with friends and embark on a creative culinary journey in a relaxed atmosphere.

About us

Opso is a modern Mediterranean restaurant inspired by modern and contemporary tastes focusing on social style dining in a lively atmosphere. Opso Dubai added value is the result of its appreciation for the Emirati warm hospitality and passion for excellent food. The Dubai chapter in Opso’s ongoing history is a combination of traditional Mediterranean -Greek cuisine with contemporary flavors in an improved luxury setting that meets Dubai’s expectations and luxurious lifestyle.



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